Daniel Merle was born Buenos Aires, Argentina, in July 1st of 1954.

Studies: after his graduation in the Commercial School No. 5 José de San Martín, studied Arts in the National School of Fine Arts Manuel Belgrano.

2015-2019 Postgraduate in Curatorial Studies in Visual Arts at Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero. Graduated with honours in 2020.

2021.  Currently working in his doctoral in Comparative Theory of the Artes at Unversidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero

2016. Honorable mention of the jury at the National Salon of Visual Arts.

Was elected as a member of the jury in first round for the World Press Photo 2014, in Amsterdam.

In 2013 he had a solo show “Mala memoria” (Bad Memory) curated by Juan Travnick in the Photogallery of the Teatro San Martín of Buenos Aires. Was the creator and curator of the collective show “Nuevos Documentos” (New Documents) of Espacio La Nación in Buenos Aires Photo, with photographs of Rodrigo Abd, Alejandro Chaskielberg and Sebastián Szyd.
Also was the curator of the show of the contest “Volverte a Ver” (To see you again) of the Fundación Ecocentro of Puerto Madryn.
Gave several talks about Press Photography in different places in Buenos Aires and all over Argentina.

In 2009 funded, with other three friends the Nano Festival de Fotografía. The first edition was in the Centro Cultural Borges. And the editions 2012 and 2013 were in Arte x Arte gallery. In 2013 Nano festival had a stand with La Luminosa editorial in Buenos Aires Photo in the Centro Cultural Recoleta.

Since 2008 he covers many photo festivals for his blog in Diario La Nación. PhotoEspaña 2008, 2009 and 2011. Visa Pour L´image in Perpignan, PhotoFest Houston, New York PhotoFestival, Biennial of Documentary Photography in Tucumán 2010-2012. Biennial of Photography of Lima 2012. Les Rencontres d’Arles 2013.

In 2006, started in Flickr the project “Septiembre, una foto por día” (September, one picture per day) that ended in February of 2007 with a collective show in the Centro Cultural Borges.

In 2003 was part, along other 17 photographers of the project “Proyecto Abril, una foto por día” (Project April, one picture per day) that ends with an online publication and later an artist book “Árboles de abril” (April trees) that was presented in the author’s books Fair of Espacio Ecléctico.
Began the workshop of Documentary Photography, Taller FotoDoc. Since then, the Taller de Fotografía Documental have produced six author’s books, eight collective shows, and a box of postcards.

Photo editor in chief of Diario La Nación sunday magazine and supplements.

In 2000 had a solo show dedicated to the street photography in the central hall of Alianza Francesa in Buenos Aires.
Won the second prize in the category of Photo Edition in the annual award of the Society for News Design in the United States, for a work published in Diario La Nación.

In 1999 became professor of photojournalism in the Photojournalism career in the official Photojournalism School TEA.

Assigned as photography Editor for the supplements of Diario La Nación of Buenos Aires.
Participated as design editor in the 9th Electronic Photojournalism Workshop in Columbus, Ohio, organized by the National Press Association.

Was designated as Chief Editor of photography in VIVA magazine of Clarín newspaper. This
magazine was totally renewed in April of 1994.

Was designated as photographer for Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay from the Reuters news agency. Was trained in edition and digital transmission in the agency headquarters in Washington D.C.

In 1990 participated of the First Course of Training for Photojournalists organized by Kodak in their headquarters in Rochester, N.Y.

Was designated as staff photographer of Reuters news agency and won the Joaquín Chamorro prize of the Sociedad Interamericana de Prensa to the Best press photography of the year.

In 1987 shared a show with the photographer Dany Yako, “En Buenos Aires” (“In Buenos Aires”) in the Centro Cultural Recoleta, with the sponsorship of the Cultural Secretary of the city of Buenos Aires.
Participated of the exhibition “Democracia Vigilada (1977-1988)” (“Controlled Democracy”) in México city, sponsored by the Asociación de Reporteros Gráficos de la Argentina and by the Centro de la Imagen de México.
Participated of the collective show “El teatro y su ambiente” (“The theatre and its environment”) organized by the Photogallery of Teatro Municipal General San Martín.

Worked as freelance photographer for Reuters news agency and the New York Times newspaper.

In 1985 organized his first solo show of portraits in the Benzacar gallery of Buenos Aires.

1984 Participated of the argentine exhibition in the Coloquio Latinoamericano de Fotografía (Segunda Edición, La Habana, Cuba).

1981 Participated with five photographs in the book “Fotografía Argentina Actual” (“Argentine Photography Today) of La Azotea Editorial.
For two consecutive years won a special recommendation of the jury and a special mention in the Coca-Cola Arts and Science Award.

Worked for La Nación newspaper as staff photographer in their sunday magazine.

In 1979 won the second prize in the category Color of the Nikon International Contest of that year.

Worked as photojournalist for the photographic agency SIGLA of Buenos Aires.

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